Seven Days Of Yoga

Good morning bloggies, hope you all are enjoying this lovely weekend as much as I am.  I slept in til about 8am this morning, it was great!  🙂

Today marks the first day of the Seven Day Yoga Challenge, ARE YOU READY?

Below is a list of all participants.  I encourage you to drop by their blogs throughout the week and see how they’re making out with the challenge.  If your name is not on the list and you’re participating, please comment and I will get your blog added.

I’m going to be posting what I do each day – links to the sessions, DVD’s, classes and I hope you do the same.  I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about the challenge, their practice etc.   And, of course, the twitter addict that I am, I will be tweeting about the challenge using the hash tag #7daysofyoga.  Please feel free to join in the conversation! 🙂

I’m going to ease into the first day with a 45 minute Gentle Hatha # 1 session from  Will let you know how it went in tonight’s post.


Breakkie was a delicious and refreshing green smoothie. Hit the spot!



The star of the smoothie were these juicy raspberries that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday. Fresh, local and full of flavour!


The smoothie was made with 3/4c UVAB, 1/2c raspberry yogurt, 1tbsp ground flax, large handful of raspberries, 1/2 frozen banana, 3c baby spinach and ice.



Completed the meal with one of my fav combos, an ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter.



As promised, here’s my business card design.  After a few different ideas, this is what I came up with. I was going for clean and simple, what do you think? 

bizcaards is offering free shipping on orders over $19 until tonight so I thought I’d take advantage of that and order them. Has anyone used before? Good, bad? Please let me know!

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