Sewage Plant Flooding Chalked Up To Mechanical Error

Halifax Harbour

A forensic audit into the 2009 power failure and flooding of the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility was made public on Friday, stating that the breakdown that caused $10.9 million in damages was caused by mechanical rather than human error.

Metro Halifax says that the Halifax Regional Water Commission audit outlines that the flooding, which happened in the early hours of January 14, 2009, occurred when the Inlet Closing Gate Sequence failed to kick in after the power went out.

The mechanized sequence meant to close the inlet gate and stop the flow of sewage to the pumping station didn't trigger the gate shut all the way, allowing two metres of raw sewage water to flood the basement and leach out into the harbour. 

As a result, the plant was shut down for 17 months to repair damages and carry out an inquiry. Representatives from the Water Commission say that the majority of the damage costs were recouped through insurance. The audit report, though written back in 2009 after the plant failure had previously been kept private for legal reasons at the time.

Read the full article here and give us your take on the report Haligonia:–no-human-error-in-sewage-plant-flood

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