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Sharing Cookies

When my toddler walks out of his bedroom each morning, the first thing he asks for is a treat.

“No Cameron. We don’t eat treats for breakfast.”

As soon as he finishes his cereal, he asks for a treat.

“No Cameron. You just ate.”

When I ask him what we should have for lunch, he answers “Treats!”

After claiming he is “All done!” from dinner (sometimes even before ever trying the food placed in front of him), he immediately asks for a treat.

“No Cameron. You didn’t eat any of your supper.”

We are trying to teach Cameron that treats are junk food and our bodies actually need lots of food that is good for us so that we can grow big and strong and healthy. But it is a hard concept to understand for a two year old. It is all food. Why not eat the stuff that tastes good instead of the stuff that doesn’t taste as good?

He’s got a point.

I’m getting to a point in my life where properly cooked healthy food actually does awaken my taste buds like nothing else. But still I like a little sugar chaser.

And the great thing about this late fall/early winter season is that you never need to look very hard for a treat.

I recently participated in a cookie exchange with some other bloggers. I had the sincere pleasure of exchanging cookies with Jen from A Busy Mommy. She went above and beyond by sending me a gorgeous package complete with cookies, a note, and some onesies for little Gavin. Before even opening the package, I already felt treated.

Sharing Cookies

But then – cookies! Thumbprint cookies, which reminded me of cookies my Grammy used to always have on hand and convinced me to search my family knowledge-base for the recipe. It is incredible how something so simple as a package in the mail and fresh baked cookies can create such warm memories.

We loved the Maraschino Thumbprint Cookies, Jen. Thank you so much!

Sharing Cookies

As for the cookies, I sent Jen? Well, I made some Salted Caramel cookies. The few I kept at home went perfectly with my morning coffee. I think I might make them again soon! The recipe that I adapted can be found on my most recent post at the Better Food Lovers blog.

Sharing Cookies

Sharing Cookies

Sharing Cookies

The small print: As a member of the Sobeys Food Lovers program I do receive special perks but as always, the views, opinions, and stories are entirely my own.

Need more sweet treats? You can’t go wrong with these:

Don’t Forget! Jump over to Kraft Food For Families each day to support a Canadian food bank! As I write this, over $42,000 has been donated. Here’s more info on why you should!

Have you entered this giveaway for W is for Wapiti!? It is a great gift idea for any child in your life!

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