Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal in the Former City of Halifax

From Halifax Police:

The return of cold weather means snow shovelling season is upon us. At
this time, the HRM asks for cooperation from property owners in the
former City of Halifax to make the winter season less challenging for
individuals who depend upon clear sidewalks for safe transit.
In the former City of Halifax, the Municipality is responsible for
sidewalk clearing service to District 10 Clayton Park West, District 15
Fairview-Clayton Park, and District 16 Rockingham-Wentworth.
Additionally, all sidewalks on major arterial highways and bus stops
will be cleared by the HRM.

In areas where sidewalk snow and ice clearing is not provided by the
Municipality, primarily Peninsular Halifax, Armdale, Purcell’s Cove
and Spryfield, HRM By-Law S-300 requires property owners to clear any
sidewalks abutting their property within 12 hours after the end of any
snow fall, or 6 hours after daylight if the snow has stopped falling
during the night. To enable safe pedestrian transit, sidewalks must be
cleared to the bare pavement for a minium width of 3 feet.

Property owners in violation of Part One of By-Law S-300 will receive a
notice advising them that their sidewalk must be cleared within 24
hours. Failure to comply with the notice will result in the HRM removing
the snow and ice at the owners expense and may result in the property
owner receiving a fine of $225.21 or greater.

To register a sidewalk snow and ice removal complaint, or to find out
who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks in your area, please call
the HRM Corporate Call Center at 490-4000.

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