Over the past month, due to sheer stress, I’ve simplified my life.  I was juggling too much between family, health, working, friends, running, blogging, household etc., not to mention several events that had me very anxious.  So one day I just stopped.

I just got up, went to work and came home. Repeat.  Then I took a week off to take care off to family stuff.  That is it.

I needed the break in the worst way possible.  I had to clear my head and re-organize my life.  I took the time to sort out feelings and issues and feel really happy now.

I realized that:

  • I blog to share my experiences and provide & receive support.  For a while, it felt like blogging had really changed for me.  It sort of became a friendly competition.  I felt pressured to post, do product reviews and giveaways.  But I don’t really care about that stuff.  I’d rather have a handful of readers that really get me. 
  • I am not perfect; my life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.  I’ve stopped reading other blogs that portray that false sense of perfection.  It’s not real and just makes me feel in adequate.
  • Healthy living and weight loss blogs are not the same.  While there are similarities, the two communities are quite different.
  • Running isn’t for me right now. Yes, I trained all Winter for the Half but 6 weeks of not training pretty much cancelled that out. Instead, yesterday I walked the the 5K with a wonderful friend who showed me that I wasn’t a failure.  Who reminded me that 4 years ago, walking 5K would’ve been pretty much impossible. Thank you Tash.
  • I miss the gymbo and other types of activity.  Running made my feel deprived.
  • I enjoy food and I was fooling myself with my portions and the types of foods I was eating.  Measuring and tracking does matter.  I matter.  My health matters.
  • I’m done with drama. My family and handful of true friends are what’s important.  They love me for me and don’t care that I’m 50 lbs over weight and didn’t run the Half. They see my kind, quirky ways and think I’m wonderful.

The blog has been simplified as well.  I feel better.  I got all that off my chest.  I’m no longer taking on a zillion things, my only goal is to work on my health.  I’m glad I feel like blogging again. 🙂

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