Sock monkeys!!!

The weekend has gone by so fast, I can’t believe it. Good thing today is a holiday, or I’d be falling asleep at work. No kidding 🙂

My baby turned 7 on Saturday. Like any mother in this planet would tell you, they grow up too fast. It just felt like yesterday when I met her the first time when she said hello to the world. It wasn’t an easy journey but she and I made it. She turns out ok, if I can say so myself, lol.

This is Squirt with her favorite kind of birthday cake: Dairy Queen ice cream log with chocolate icing. I know, chocolate overload, but she’s a chocoholic and it was her day, so we went with it.

The celebration was at a store where kids (and adults) could come in to make their own sock monkey. The store has sock monkey kits with everything you need to make a monkey (from the socks – pieces of the body and legs, arms, tail, ears, eyes and mouth piece, to stuffing, needle and thread that is colour coordinated with the sock pattern), and the staff is there to help you to make it happen.

This is the “artist” in the process, lol. She actually sewed the pieces together herself. I was so proud. The lady did all the start and finish steps – to make sure the thread doesn’t come loose on the monkey, but left the rest for the kids. They were proud of themselves too, sewing their monkeys. They (both boys and girls) told me sewing was fun, lol.

Like you saw, Squirt picked a pink sock pattern, no surprise 🙂 We didn’t stuff the sock too tightly, so the monkey turned out to be a little slim, just like her owner. She was sitting next to the window where the sunlight shone through, which explains the shadow on one side – like a pro effect, lol.

Here the girls showing off their monkeys. We didn’t have enough time to finish the monkey’s mouth (the little pink piece left on the table), so we brought it home to sew on later. The finish product doesn’t look too bad, does it?

The boxes you see behind the girls are the kits, with a piece of sock hanging off the top to show the pattern. Extras include clothes and hair piece that you can buy for your monkey. The kids were happy with the monkeys themselves though, no extras needed.

I was really happy with this birthday party idea. I was happy to find the store for my little princess having a great time. Now the kids have something to show off, and the monkey is personal to them, not bad of a gift. I never made a sock monkey myself, so I actually had fun there too, lol. Win win situation 🙂

P.S.: It was intense 4.5 hours of Lost + 1 hour on Jimmy Kimel last night, lol. It was long but entertained, and like lots of people, the bf and I were left interpreting many things ourselves. I knew they won’t answer many questions, so I wasn’t disappointed. How about you?


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