Singapore swap

Yay, another successful swap, and this time, it’s all the way from Singapore. Cheryl from Legally Polished initiated this swap with me, looking for some Del Sol polishes, and I couldn’t be happier to finally get my hands on Asian nail polish brands.

Here is the first batch: Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colours – Quick Dry.

You probably have heard, Sasatinnie is the home brand at Sasa, the huge Asian store chain (online too). I’m fascinated with the bottle shape, the design on the caps and above all, the flakies, of course.

I went with shades that I could see online swatches off. The first 3 are categorized as glitters (GL code), from L-R: FCGL002, FCGL003, FCGL004. The fourth one is Raspberry scented (RAS code): FCRAS001. NOTDs are coming soon to show you the shades a little better.

I also went for Elianto Sparkling Nails. Again, cute patterns on the bottles and the caps (if you look closely, you can see the pink vines with Elianto written along them).

The shades I got: Racing Green and Glittery Nickel (looks a little more purple here than IRL).

Cheryl included 2 freebies which I really appreciated: The Face Shop WH005 (stars in clear base) and Arezia mini #881 (dark purple shimmer).

I already started diving into this wonderful bunch of polish. I’d definitely say it again: Swaps are the best way to explore brands you don’t normally get where you live.

Have a great day, everyone. It snowed for 3 hours last night here, and we are dealing with slushies this morning when it melted with the rain. Fun huh?

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