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Talia Zoref


Talia Zoref
Switching things up a little bit today for Fashion Friday! The lovely Talia Zoref created these illustrations of me using some of my blog images, and I just had to share them with you blog reader.
Pretty cool hey? Thanks so much Talia for these images it’s very cool to see myself in a fashion illustration.  I met Talia at fashion week in Toronto last October, and I was immediately struck by her head pieces. She was very sweet, and very easy to talk to which is nice during fashion week where we know people can tend to take it all VERY seriously. I love hearing about the different fashion weeks she attended all over the world.
Fashion week is amazing because it forces so many like minded people into one room from all over from all different backgrounds. What I love about fashion week is that it doesn’t matter what your blog stats are (or how famous you are) because you’re all in the same room seeing the exact same models come down the runway. The after parties though well… those are different story all together darling.
Looking forward to another round of fashion in the Fall :) and catching up with all my blogger babes!
To see more of Talia’s work be sure to check her site at >> www.taliazoref.com
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