snowy saturday

It’s a winter wonderland out there! So pretty, so terrible to drive in. Right now I can hear ice pellets pinging my windows. Today and tomorrow …. snow, ice ,rain, repeat. A real nor’easter. I’ve been watching the always cheerful Chris St. Clair on the Weather Network describing it. He makes it seem like fun:) Love that guy!

I was out shoveling this morning, good way to get some exercise in:) Cleared off the bird feeder. Those little guys get hungry this time of year. Now it is time to think about lunch. Made some mjuddrah yesterday for good luck. It is a Lebanese dish with lentils and rice and caramelized onions. Eating lentils on January 1 is considered lucky, attracts prosperity:) I think it is because they look like tiny coins. I will have some of that with chopped tomatoes and feta. Yum.

This afternoon I am going to try my hand at painting:) Finally!! I’ve been doing everything but….

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