So, How’d You Meet?

Today I am telling you a story. It is a seriously awesome story. A life changing story.

But, I’m not telling it here.

Nope. If you want to hear the ridiculously amazing story about how I met my husband, you have to head over to Rach’s blog, Life with Baby Donut, and read about it there. She’s doing this really cool series about how bloggers met their loved ones, and I am super excited to be taking part.

Because, seriously. This story? It is epic!


Here’s just a taste of what you’re missing if you don’t click over.

Which version do you want to hear?
This is typically my answer to the standard how’d-you-meet-your-husband question that has been asked a number of times in the past six years since I first met Dan. As with any story, there are a number of versions: my version, his version, the long tale and the short answer.  
We met online.  
That is the short answer. This answer usually elicits a standard reaction. Eyes widen. Thoughts start racing trying to decide if our relationship is somehow a little less valid than other relationships. And then, the answer: “That happens a lot now these days! In fact, my cousin met his wife online….”  
Although this answer is essentially the truth, it does not at all come close to telling the story of how Dan and I met.

When you finish reading what I wrote, you should poke around Life with Baby Donut and get to know Rach! You won’t be disappointed.



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