Soapy Saturday – Revenge, Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy

Revenge – “Control”


This show went through a VERY rough patch last year, but it’s back to being one of the more delightful TV shows in my schedule. The writers have gone back to basics, and I like how we’re seeing a lot of Emily’s plans backfire this season.

So much of Emily’s plan relies on Daniel, and in this week’s episode she finally realized what she needs to do to preserve that relationship.

I’m also really enjoying the addition of Patrick, Victoria’s long lost son. He was the one who cut the car brakes and tried to kill Patrick – and Victoria cares so much about him that she covered it up, manipulating Charlotte into taking the blame. It was a fascinating game of chess to watch, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other havoc Patrick will create.

Nashville – “It Must Be You”


Nashville has become the show I most look forward to watching over breakfast on Saturday morning. I think this season has been really good, and I feel invested in almost every storyline. This episode was particularly great since it barely featured awful, stupid Teddy.

The idea of Rayna and Luke James (is that his name?) kind of came out of nowhere, but I like it. Dating him would be a good move, professionally. She and Scarlett would get on his tour, the romance could distract from her father’s legal troubles and help her find investors for her label. But is Rayna willing to do that? I hope it’s the direction the storyline is moving in.

I’m also surprised to say that I’m rooting for Scarlett and Avery. I hated Avery’s character so much in season one, and the writers have completely turned him around – and in a way that feels like natural human growth, too. I’m less interesting in Scarlett’s ex and BFF hooking up though.

Juliette’s storylines have also been good, and I loved seeing her at the polo match this week. Her new love interest is obviously going to blow up in her face, but I think that will be exactly the kind of soapy drama the show does well.

Grey’s Anatomy – “Thriller”

grey'sWow, did I ever hate Grey’s Anatomy this week. Did you guys like it? The Halloween theme was too silly, and went too far. The storylines in general this season have been weak – in fact, I can’t think of a single one that I’m enjoying. I don’t care about the new interns enough for them to carry the show. I’m over Cristina and Owen, I don’t enjoy watching Callie and Arizona navigate divorce, and I’m mad at Bailey for being disappointed in her cute, supportive husband. I’m vaguely enjoying Meredith and Derek, but not enough to make up for the rest. Get it together, Grey‘s, or get off the air.

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