Some “Anything” Questions Answered

I was scared to open myself to this “ask anything” thing, but it turns out it’s really fun and I’m really enjoying it! So feel free to ask away!

Warning: my answers tend to be long and I can’t help it!

Here are some of the Q&A:

Are you originally from Halifax?

No, I moved here when I went to Dalhousie University in 1998 and I grew up in a smaller town in Nova Scotia. But I’m here to stay!

What hair products do you use?

I use Redkin Clear Moisture shampoo and conditioner and Redkin Body Full Instant Bodifier foam.

I’m thinking about switching to something different for the time being because while many women apparently get this “big beautiful locks,” I got the “limp and flat” deal 🙁

Hi Super Star! How did your personality change losing 130lbs? 🙂

I hate when people say that they “never changed” when they’ve lost a significant amount of weight because I just don’t see how that could be true when it requires you to change your life! I changed my perspective on health and consequently how I live my life.

Having said that, I think people mistakenly assume that any change in my personality is purely a result of having lost that much weight because that is the thing that sticks out most about me the most.

My weight loss occurred when I was transitioning into an adult, so I believe that my personality likely has changed over the last decade and I continued to grow into a full adult. I fully recognized that my changes were highly influenced by this change in my life, but also by many other significant life events: moving to the “big city” to go to school having never been there before, meeting my husband, graduating university, then graduating college, being asked to be valedictorian, competing for my first job in the real world and getting an amazing job working for amazing and wonderful people who have also influenced my adulthood in many positive ways, traveling for the first time (on an airplane!), getting married, losing my uncle and father-in-law to cancer, dealing with many challenges with my mom and now becoming a mother.

I have no doubt that my personality with continue to change as I become a Mom too.

If I were to compare my younger personality to my adult personality I would say that I was always a very loyal person and friend and that hasn’t changed. I’ve always been very sympathetic and intuitive which I think has strengthened. I always had a healthy self-esteem, but losing weight gave me more confidence when I realized that people DO treat you differently which was obvious to me until I wasn’t obese.

On the flip side, I used to be a bit of a “bad ass” teenager who had a reputation for being able to throw down! It’s hard to imagine now if you actually know me now. Although really, it was more talk because I never got into fights! I just wasn’t afraid to stick up for myself or my friends and being a teenager is tough and I didn’t have the ideal childhood situation, like many people. I often say that it could have been “either way” with me and I’m proud of the direction I led my life. Now, while I am still very assertive, I let things roll off my back and keep my mouth shut more! I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone and find myself feeling sorry for people who do.

Do you have any foods that you can’t keep in the house because they’d mysteriously disapear within 24 hours?

This definitely used to be oreos and cookies in general! Now it’s Liberte Mediterranean yogurt!

Does your hubby prefer that you keep his presence on a blog to a minimum?

Yes he does 🙂

I have always wondered how you handle the fact that you and your husband have different eating styles. Does it frustrate you?

Yes it does frustrate me, but more because he is such a picky eater that every single day he has no idea what he wants to eat, so it’s a big song and dance trying to accommodate his eating limitations. It’s frustrating for him too because it is an issue for him to deal with his own food issues.

Aside from that, while it is frustrating, you gotta do what you gotta do for yourself and you can’t depend on anyone else to change because you want to/can change. I was not going to use my husband as an “excuse” for my own bad choices. I know that while he is still no where NEAR where I would like him to be, he has been making changes, slowly, and that otherwise wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t change my lifestyle. Any change is good!

Have you ever travelled across the country?

I’ve never actually been to the west coast of Canada! I’ve always wanted to and WILL someday. I’ve only made it as far as Toronto when I met my blogger buddies 🙂

Did you ever think your blog would get as big as it did?? How do you feel about the fact that people are constantly watching you/asking you questions? (sorry if you answered something like this already!)

I don’t really consider it “big” compared to many of the health & fitness bloggers in our community, but thank you for thinking so 😉

But no, I never did expect the readership that I have when I started. When we started 4 years ago, we did it more to just journal what we ate and to share tips and recipes amongst the other WW Board members. Next thing ya know, blogs really caught on, especially in our niche, life long friendships were made and it really made all the effort worth it.

I have been very careful about keeping my blog mainly to the subject matter of weight loss and tried to keep my personal life out of it. Part of the reason is for personal privacy and part of it is because my employers read my blog too! I don’t mind answer questions at all and welcome them.

What is your favorite junk food?

Brave question to ask a pregnant woman! lol

It varies, but I’ve known to have a romance with oreo cookies and definitely ice cream!

It seems now that I’d rather overindulge on larger portions of more healthier things now though, like Liberte Mediterranean yogurts! I know it’s nuts :-/

Congratulations on expecting! How long had you been trying to get pregnant (if you were trying)?

Thank you very much!

To be quite honest, this baby wasn’t planned and wasn’t going to be in the plan until after I ran the Half Marathon this year in the Bluenose and our trip to Jamaica in June. We all know that life happens when you are busy making plans 😉

But considering the obstacles against us with PCOS, we feel like this baby is absolutely meant to be and we are really really happy!

Do you have any feeling as to whether it’s a boy or girl?

Not yet! And I don’t trust myself either because my whole life I have only ever considered girl names for some reason, so if I have “girl” feelings I’ll think that’s why, but if I have “boy” feelings, I’ll think it’s all because I’m trying to keep an open mind from what I’ve always thought! lol

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