We Are On To You, Sploggers!!

So here we are “innocently” spreading our message on our blogs for you all to read and we are public and we are happy to do it!  We share the link love with each other, support each other and it’s a big part of our life.  We put many hours of time and effort into our blogs providing our readers with original, creative and entertaining content that we love to write about and that we hope you love to read!  Right?!  Well at least that’s what we’re hoping for! ;-)  Some of us don’t earn money from our blogs at all!  Some of us don’t advertise and some of us do, which is fine because it’s OUR blogs and we can choose to do what you want with YOUR content!  Right?!

Then we realize that there are what’s called “Sploggers” out there who are copying our content and posting them on other blogs with ads earning money from OUR content!!!

You can check out Lynn’s blog today to see what we’ve discovered is happening.  Who knows how many other sploggers are doing this without us even knowing!

So what are we  “real” bloggers to do?  Well there are a few steps that Lynn has taken and we are hoping it’s a step in the right direction, but I’m thinking we have to do something further to “protect” our content as our in a more proactive way.  The only thing I can think of at this stage is creating signatures for each post and then linking back to your root blog address every single time.  This way, if they are just automatically streaming your content (links included), then the link to it’s true author is there AND it could work in your favour by creating more “link backs” on the internet which could increase your search engine stats.  Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but it’s somewhere to start until we can figure something else out.

If anyone has any experience or suggestions on how to deal handle this, I definitely welcome your comments and suggestions!

~Angie All The Way

(okay it’s not a great signature, but I’m working on getting the plug-in for WLW! lol)

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