Sometimes It’s The Simple Things…

Like this shiny set of new frying pants that totally made my night!

I’ve been saying forever that we need some new pans and it’s gotten to the point where we’ve even been made fun of for only having one crappy frying pan.  😛

We finally gave in and ordered a new set with some points that J had accumulated through his rewards system at work. 

Of course I had to try it out right away!  So nice to have new non-stick, I always had to use oil on the old one.  Cooking up the tacos was a breeze.

PS. Holly you can pass along to your hubby that our kitchen tools should now all be up to par.. 😉 hehe


Oh and to top it off, I finally found some icing that works for the tree cookies!!  Which means that I’m all ready for the exchange tomorrow night. Glad, because I really didn’t want to give away naked cookies. 🙂

All prettied up for my girls….

Got a busy weekend coming up.  Work all day tomorrow and then we have our Haliblogger potluck and cookie exchange. Saturday, I’ve got an early Weight Watchers meeting, the Santa Shuffle 5K, post run brunch at Coras (?) and then hubby and have got movie + dinner plans in the evening to celebrate the anniversary. Sunday is my birthday but we’re actually going to an extended family brunch at the Prince George.

I’m sad to say that this week has been a write off for me in terms of WW’s.  I can’t wait to WI on Saturday and move on.  I knew this week would be a struggle and having the gain last week didn’t help at all.  This is me being 100% honest with you all.  However, looking at this from a long-term perspective, it’s nothing but a small glitch and as long as I keep moving forwarding then I can’t go wrong.  :) 

Oh, there is a certain goal that I’m really looking forward to achieving in the next 6 months, can’t wait to share all the details with you soon!  I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with running……

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