And The Running Continues

We had a perfect day for the Santa Shuffle 5K. The temperature was pleasant for this time of year, the winds were calm and there was even a few hints of sunshine! Sadly, my batteries died at the potluck so I had to snag a few pics from other people.  Ang was kind enough to take a few specifically for me too.

The group post-run. (Photo compliments of Farm Girl’s friend.)   Thanks to Laura for the awesome Santa Hats, they were perfect for this run and kept my head warm!

So, backing up a bit……I stayed over at Angie’s after the potluck. We got up early and headed to the WW’s center to WI.  I had a feeling I was going to have a HUGE gain and I wasn’t wrong.  It’s embarrassing to admit this but I was up 4.8 lbs. I know most of it was from the salty foods I ate all week but its still disappointing.  This month in particular is going to be hard but can I really expect anything else when it’s the holidays, and there are several birthdays (including my own!) anniversary and multiple parties and brunches?   Nope, I’m going to ride it out as best I can and just keep on trucking.  Eventually I will win this battle.  Thankfully, today was the last of the craziness until the week of Christmas. I’ve actually done well the past 2 days because I am determined NOT to see another gain this coming Saturday! 

Pre-race prepping….these pics are from my Blackberry and not the best quality. I actually think we look pretty cute in the hats even if it was before coffee and a shower. 🙂

IMG00131 IMG00135

Ang, Tash and I met up with Jaime and Lesley downtown. We had a bit of a walk to the actual start of the race.  It was a nice warm-up and there were plenty of photo opps! 

Then we patiently waited at the starting line.  This was Jaime’s first race and we were all pretty excited!

It wasn’t that warm out (or so I thought) so I wore my hoodie… turned out to be a mistake because I ended up tying it around my waist after 10 mins.
The run itself was pretty great, there were lots of people out decked out – a few santa’s, some elves and an awesome gingerbread man!  Plus tons of families with their kids.  I love seeing parents with their strollers and the toodlers running through the finish line.   Made my day to see it actually.  At one point our group was running up a small hill on the way back and a woman actually ran passed us while pushing her stroller up the hill, I made the comment to Tash or Ang that that was the type of Mom I was going to be! :)   

We made it back through the finish line in under 40 mins, which I thought was great considering we took a couple short walking breaks and a few so that Ang and Jaime could snap pics.

Us just after we crossed the finish line. Figures I’d have my eyes closed. I always feel so dorky getting my picture taken.

After the run we headed over to Your Father’s Moustache for some grub.  The ‘Stache is a pub but I managed to make healthy choices and avoided the grease!  Had a grilled chicken sandwich and a side spinach salad.  It definitely hit the spot.

The day was a blast and I hope that we can make this an annual event!
Last but not least, my super exciting news that I tweeted a little bit about on Thursday and Friday….. 

I’m running the Blue Nose Half Marathon in May!!!!!

Angie and I have been talking about doing it for a while now, and Amy concreted the plans when she said she was coming down here to run it with us!  How awesome is that?? My fitness inspiration will be running my first Half with me!!!  The three of us have lost tons of weight and we’re hoping that by May we’ll all be at our goal weights, and what better way to celebrate?!

Before heading to the Halibloggers potluck on Friday night I registered for the Running Room Half Marathon Training Clinic that starts in late January!   Isn’t this an awesome birthday present, thanks Mom.

halftrainingclinic copy
Angie also registered for the clinic, yah for running buddies. 🙂 I am excited and scared all at the same time but I know that I can do it, especially with the support of my two lovely team mates! I can’t believe I’m doing this, weeeee!

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