Yes, It’s True

The Prince George Hotel self proclaims to “have the best brunch in the city  and I’m not about to argue.  We`ve done them all – The Westin, The Delta, The Citadel, The Holiday Inn and up until now The Westin was my venue of choice.

Going for a wonderful Holiday Brunch with the extended family has been become an annual tradition.  This year after hearing several positive reviews I knew we had to check out the Prince George! 
Their huge spread includes:

  • a waffle bar
  • an omelette station
  • a pasta station
  • an espresso/capp station
  • sushi station
  • cold meats & smoked salmon
  • variety of cheeses
  • pastries & muffins
  • fruits
  • seafood
  • variety of salads
  • hot entrees
  • carving station
  • yummy desserts
  • I phoned about a month before and they were happy to take reservations for our large group of 16.  When we arrived, we found out we actually had an area specifically for our group, just off the main dining room.  Its nice to have that extra bit of privacy. I really loved the decor too, very modern.

    Hubby patiently waiting…

    For my first round I chose a bit of everything. Smoked salmon, cheese, pineapple, turkey breast & stuffing, asparagus & a little piece of raisin bread. (I ate about half of everything on this plate.)

    And believe me, there was A LOT to chose from:

    HPIM2002 HPIM2004
    HPIM2007 HPIM2015 
    HPIM2016 HPIM2008

    HPIM2013 HPIM2017

    Of course, I made a big dent into this particular station…………twice. *blushes* It was fantastic sushi and also really easy to track, point-wise.

    Saving, the best for last – Dessert. Like the rest of the brunch there was a huge selection; cakes, sweets, mousse, fruits and pastries.

     HPIM2025 HPIM2019 

    This was Peanut Butter Crème Brule. O.M.G. 😉

    Don`t worry, I was a good girl…mostly.  It was my birthday after all, so I had a little taste of that divine looking Crème Brule.  It did not disappoint.

    Finished up with an espresso shot. I left feeling just right, very satisfied and like I’d eaten the perfect amount. :)  I love being able to chose from a variety of yummy foods and know that I’m able to to on track too.

    The Prince George definitely earned their bragging rights. I will be back.

    Team Canada by way of Mexico

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