Men’s Health iPhone App Review

I’ve been using the Men’s Health Workouts App since the beginning of August and I have to say I really like it!  I initially installed it because I felt my workouts were getting stale and I was plateauing (def: not making any gains, losing any fat, workout has stopped working) and I needed to find something new to help me along.  I’ve been a subscriber to Men’s Health Magazine and I’ve always enjoyed their workouts, so I thought this would be a great way to mix up my routine!

Once I explored the app a bit, I saw they had some great routines planned out that I knew I would really enjoy and would help me get over my plateau, but it also has a list of exercises I had never seen before, all listed alphabetically and by body part.  One thing in the app that I enjoy the most, that I didn’t think I’d even use, is the ability to track my workouts, reps and weight lifted in my previous workout.  It let’s me view what I did in my last workout within the app but it also has the capability to email yourself, or anyone else, all of your results from every workout you’ve done since you started using the app.   The results come in an Excel document, and are a bit lack-luster, but still great to have and track!

As for the information within the app, there are great pictures and detailed explanations of each exercise that I find quite descriptive and very easy to follow. Implementing video would be a nice bonus, but with the pictures and descriptions they have, not necessary!

I’m a big fan of this application and I really only have one negative thing to say about it; The fact that I can’t create custom workouts.  This would be a nice feature to have!  To be able to go through the exercise list and create a custom workout and track it would be fantastic.  It would be a lot better than walking around with a pen and paper, trying to track my workout.

I’ve only paid for 3 or 4 apps that I have on my iPhone and I’d say this is probably the best investment I’ve made.  For $1.99, you get more than your bang for your buck (or two).

I give this app a 4/5.

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