Blog: My Two Weeks Without Beer…

Facts about me and beer… I love beer!!  It was one of the main contributors to me putting on 100lbs in the first place.  In one 12 oz Coors Light, there are 102 calories and about 5 g of carbs.  The thing about light beer is that I can drink quite a few of them.  I can put away between 12-18 light beer without much difficulty.  That’s 1225-1825 empty calories.  And unfortunately with me, when I drink, it’s not just the beer that gets me.  It’s the chips, the nachos, pizza, burgers; pretty much anything greasy I can get my hands on.  Everything I worked so hard for during the week goes right down the crapper in one night.

SO, a few weeks ago I decided that I wasn’t going to drink for 2 weeks (CRAZY, I know!).  I had hit a giant plateau in my weight loss and I had a funny feeling that beer and the unhealthy foods that accompany beer had a lot to do with it.  So I was going to give it a try as an experiment and see what happens.

I’m not one who usually drinks at all during the week anyway, so this was mostly a weekend thing for me.  The hardest part about not drinking on the weekend in Halifax is that there isn’t much of a social nightlife that doesn’t involve going to a bar or alcohol.  It’s kind of what we’re known for here. BUT, I was bound and determined to get through it and see what happened.

The first week I hit the gym really hard and ate very well all week.  I was pretty happy about my workouts and was looking forward to carrying that on into the weekend.  I’m proud to say I didn’t have one drop of alcohol that weekend, mind you I did have about 68324 coffees to keep myself from drinking, and I managed to eat well and hit the gym.  In just one week I was able to drop 5 lbs.  That right there was proof that I was sabotaging myself and all my hard work.  So, the next week, I didn’t drink, ate well and hit the gym even harder and I packed on 3 lbs of muscle.  It was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe the change in just two weeks. I could see 3 1/2 abs.  I felt great.  I wasn’t hungover. And I was happy.

Since then, yes, I’ve obviously had some drinks.  But I’ve been trying my best to still eat well and I’m still hitting the gym hard.  But this goes to show that what you put into your body while training is just as important, if not more important, than the training itself.  Keep that mind boys and girls!

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