It’s the Weekend!

golfAfter a short week (for us Canadians) the weekend is upon us once again. I had full intensions of writing a blog post on Tuesday or Wednesday about what I got up to over the Victoria Day long weekend but I’ve just had such a hectic week that I haven’t had the time. I really don’t have the time right now either, but I’ll give you a quick summary and some tentative plans for this up coming weekend.

The one thing I did want to talk about this week was what happened to me on Friday, well actually Saturday morning.

After work on Friday, Gina and I headed to our evening kettlebell class with Julie from Julie Mac Fitness as we have the 2 previous weeks for a good ‘ol fashioned kettlebell ass kickin’ (if you haven’t read this article yet, do so!). After our workout, we showered up and headed over to my best friend’s place for a BBQ and a beer. My intension was to have A beer and then drink water for the rest of the evening and call it an early night. We had our BBQ, I had my beer, and I was good to stop after that. The sun went down and it got a bit cool on the deck to which we had a brilliant idea “let’s go buy an outdoor fire pit”. As soon as this was conceived I knew I was in trouble! We went to Walmart (Canadian Tire was closed) and we bought this fire pit, which was on sale. But not only did we buy the fire pit, we bought the display model so we wouldn’t have to put it together and could light a fire as soon as we got back. We lit a fire, made some smores, a few beer were consumed, then turned to a few rums and then a few glasses of red wine. It was a GREAT night for an outdoor fire and catching up with old friends.

We ended up getting a drive home from one of our friends and Gina and I decided we weren’t tired and that we were going to play Mario Kart. Side note: If you ever wondered why you shouldn’t drink and drive (besides the obvious), drink and play Mario Kart, you’ll quickly see why. After a few games, I wasn’t feeling too well and out of nowhere I needed to throw-up. I had only had a handful of drinks and wasn’t anywhere near the point of intoxication where I should have thrown-up and because the nausea was so sudden and out of nowhere, I was actually a bit worried. After that incident, we decided to turn off the Wii and head to bed. Now, I know you may be wondering, why would he tell us this, but keep reading, you’ll see why…

The next morning, around 8 am, I woke up to use the bathroom and while I was standing there, out of nowhere, I felt really dizzy. I finished peeing and I remember thinking, “man, I feel weird right now!” The next thing I know I’m on my ass and on the floor. Side note: Yes, I was actually done peeing before I fell and my pants were up! I’ve never fainted or passed out before and I was pretty freaked out by this. I just kind of sat there for a few minutes, getting my wits about me, all the while Gina checking on me to make sure I was OK and trying not to panic. I eventually got up and crawled back in to bed for a few hours.

It took some time, but I eventually figured out why I got sick and why I passed out; I was extremely dehydrated. After a hard kettlebell workout, or any workout or exercise for that matter, you NEED to hydrate and I didn’t. I had a few glasses of water with the BBQ but then switched to alcohol, which also dehydrates you. I’m a moron, and I know all of this, but it just kind of slipped my mind. Please learn from my foolish error and remember to drink lots and lots of water before, during and after any form of exercise.

I eventually started feeling better around noon (after drinking about 3L of water) and the rest of the weekend was fantastic. We went to the driving range. We played tennis (if you’d call what we did playing tennis, we’re not very good). I threw the football and rugby ball around with one of my best buds. We had a family BBQ with Gina’s family. We did another kettlebell class. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend! Once again, please take what happened to me as a learning experience. I’ve played competitive sports most of my life and know that I need to hydrate, but you can see how easily you can forget or let it get away from you.

This upcoming weekend I think we’re going to have one similar to last weekend, minus the drinking and fainting! Tomorrow we have plans to either hit the driving range again or play tennis and Sunday we’re doing the Walk to Fight Arthritis. Once again, I’m hoping for a great weekend!

I hope you all enjoy yours as well! What do you have planned?

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