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Thinner Thursday and BAM!

And BAM!  That’s what I have to say.  BAM because I completed my second week on Weight Watchers.  BAM because I lost weight again.  BAM because I am actually feeling better about myself.

Dan and I have been on a tight budget for the last few months.  (Maybe I’ll try to blog about that later – it is actually working great!)  Unfortunately, Week 2 of Weight Watchers was also the last week of September.  The last week of the month is also the last week for our monthly budget.  Although we are doing great at living within a budget, we tend not to buy anything during the last half of the month.  Our cupboards were essentially bare, save for a few boxes of Kraft Dinner.  Our freezer was full of skyrocketing points in the form of hamburgers, ground beef, steak and salmon (delicious right?).

Needless to say, I didn’t have any trouble using up all of my weekly points this week.

Tomorrow is the first day of the month.  It is the first day of our new monthly budget.  It is also the first day that I will be able to go grocery shopping while on Weight Watchers.

I’m actually kind of looking forward to the experience.  I plan on spending some time tomorrow finding Weight Watchers recipes and trying to figure out what type of food is more points than others (salmon was a huge surprise to me!  1/2 of a skinless fillet = 9 points!).  I think this will make the coming weeks a little easier on everyone – I won’t have to be so concerned about starving (not) myself during breakfast and lunch just so I have enough points to eat supper.  Hopefully, I’ll also start to take more control over the cooking and the dinner planning.

I’m clearly looking forward to Week 3 of Weight Watchers.  I’m going to make it a good one, because Week 4 is going down the crapper (Thanksgiving!).

And now, on to the weigh-in.  Are you excited?  You should be…

Week 0: 164 lbs
Week 1: 165 lbs 12 oz
Week 2: 165 lbs 2 oz
Week 3: 164 lbs 10oz
Week 4: 163 lbs 9 oz (loss of 1 lb)
Week 5: 163 lbs 12 oz
Week 6: 163 lbs 9 oz
Week 7: sick
Week 8:  162 lbs 4 oz (loss of 1 lb!)
Weight Watchers Starts: Initial Weigh in: 159 lbs
Week 15 and Day 1 of Weight Watchers: 156 lbs 12 oz (loss of over 5 lbs total!)
Week 16 and Day 8 of Weight Watchers: 155 lbs 10 oz (loss of 1 lbs!)
Week 17 and Day 15 of Weight Watchers: 153 lbs 0 oz (loss of 2 and a half lbs!!!!)

And BAM!  Check out that weight loss!
You know what else I’m going to do once October starts?  I’m going to reward myself by buying a new item of clothing.  Do you know why?!  Because I have lost over 10 lbs since starting Thinner Thursday and over 5 since starting Weight Watchers!  BAM!

1 Apple = 1 Point
Believe it or not, Cam actually loved the apple!
Photo taken Saturday September 25th
6 months, 2 weeks, 5 days old

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