Growing my Family

of blogs, that is.

I really do love blogging.  I would add blogging to my list of passions, along with my faith, my family, reading, and being creative.  This blog obviously covers my family and to a lesser extent, my faith, but I thought I needed another outlet to cover the rest of my passions.

I’m not entirely a slack blogger.  According to Google feed reader, I have 3.7 posts per week.  That’s an average of one blog every second day.  I think I’ve proven myself to be a responsible blog host.

That is why I am pleased to present to you two new blogs that I have added to my blog family.

First, head on over to to find my blog My Mom’s a Photographer.

I love taking pictures of my son, but I typically just throw pictures onto my blog straight off the camera.  Before having a baby, I used to actually be a professional photographer part time.  I stopped when I got pregnant.  Having a baby really inspired me to pick the camera back up again, and now I have been inspired to take that next step and be discretionary in choice and editing.  Pictures on my MommyBlog will likely still be straight off the camera.  That way I can show picture after picture of my little man.  But over on my photography blog, I’ll be posting my one favourite picture from our shoots, as well as non-baby related photography.

I thought about trying to challenge myself with a picture a day, but I worry that would take time away from blogging here.  I’ll try to balance these blogs and then maybe make that decision.

Once you’re done adding my photography blog to your feed reader or bookmark it as a favourite or follow on google friend connect, check out to find my Mommy’s Books blogs.

I love reading.  I have loved reading for as long as I can remember.  A few years ago, I started to keep track of the books I read.  Then, this year, I decided to set myself a few challenges.  Over at my Book Blog, I will review the books I have read and talk about my personal reading challenges.

After creating those blogs, I feel like this ole blog needs a makeover.  Maybe I’ll do that soon.  For now, after all that blog creating, I think I need to focus on my family, my faith, blogging, reading, and getting creative.

Now go show me some blogarific love!

Pumpkin Spice Scones

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