Statement from HRM CAO Regarding Upcoming Concert


(June 28, 2011) –  At a news conference earlier today, HRM confirmed that in addition to an agreement for the provision of municipal services, a negotiated financial settlement has also been reached between HRM and the “Rock the Hill” event organizers. 
During any major event there is a series of discussions between the city and event organizers. The resulting agreement balances our desire to be supportive of events that generate economic activity with our need to ensure that HRM tax payers are well protected.
All costs for the provision of municipal services will be fully recovered from the event organizer, as per our normal practice for concerts at the Garrison Grounds. These services are intended to ensure the safety and security of citizens, concert goers and visitors to our city for this concert.
HRM is respectful and supportive of any undertaking that supports the economic growth of our city and our region.  We are looking forward to a great day at a great show in a great city. 


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