Statement: Halifax Shipyard files for conciliation

The following is a statement from Halifax Shipyard providing an update on collective bargaining with Unifor Local 1, the union representing shipbuilders at the shipyard:

The Halifax Shipyard has filed a request with Nova Scotia’s Minister of Labour and Advanced Education to appoint a conciliator in its contract negotiations with Unifor Local 1.

The parties entered into formal bargaining earlier this month and have spent four days at the table.

Following an initial collective agreement proposal, Halifax Shipyard has offered two proposals to the Union in an attempt to move negotiations forward. It became clear today that the involvement of a trained labour conciliator is necessary if discussions are to continue.

We are disappointed that we were unable to move bargaining forward through mutual discussions. We are hopeful that an outside party can assist in restarting negotiations, as we believe a negotiated agreement is the best option for the Halifax Shipyard and our shipbuilders.

Halifax Shipyard and our shipbuilders have a remarkable long-term opportunity as Canada’s shipbuilding and in-service support centre of excellence. Through a conciliator, Halifax Shipyard is hopeful the parties can come together, roll up their sleeves and address the issues necessary to allow Halifax Shipyard and our shipbuilders to continue to succeed.

We are prepared to work with the Union to improve and modernize working conditions so that we can build Canada’s next generation of combatant vessels efficiently and effectively, but it requires that we first work with and listen to one another.

The current collective bargaining agreement expires on December 31, 2017.

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Source: Media Release

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