Steady As She Goes

Afternoon bloggies.  How’s your week going?  Mine is going okay.  I haven’t been my usual self the past few weeks.  I’ve been trying to relax and do nothing but I’m not sure it’s really doing anything except making me lazy. 

Anyways……I’m a little behind with blogland. I’ve been reading but haven’t really been commenting or posting much.   Going to try to change that over the next few days though. 

What’s new with me?

  • I’ve been tracking all my food but am not following any type of points/calorie counting.
  • I haven’t ran in 2.5 weeks.  I haven’t wanted to at all so I’ve stayed away.  I have gone to the gym once and been out on several walks.  Moderately active I would say. Deep down I still want to run the half so obviously I need to get my ass in gear. 
  • I just read Carnie Wilson’s book “Gut Feelings.”  It’s an autobiography that focuses on her life long struggles with weight, all the way up to a year after her weight loss surgery.  It was a really good read, I always enjoy reading biographies.  Looking forward to picking up her other book soon.
  • Hubby and I have sped through 2 seasons of Californication already, that is major TV time folks. ;)   Anyone else watch this show? I’m so addicted; love all the characters and David Duchovny is a great actor!

In exciting news, I finally found the Silver Hills bread here in Halifax!  Jaime was talked about this stuff so many times and I was more than happy to sample a few loaves for the blog.

Planet Organic had both the Steady Eddie and the much-raved about Squirrelly!  These breads are sprouted grain, just like my beloved Ezekiel. Whoot, whoot!  I tried Steady Eddie first…

With organic peanut butter & supercrack on one slice and cream cheese & supercrack on the other.

Verdict? YUM!  Thanks for the coupons Silver Hills!

That’s all I got for ya.  I’ll update later in the week when I get out for my run.

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