Streamlined Services for Restaurant, Accommodation Operators

Government is reducing red tape and streamlining services for restaurant and accommodation operators, as part of the 2015-16 capital plan.

This is part of the government’s expanding online services in the Access to Business and Access for Citizens programs. Access to Business will receive $3.9 million and Access for Citizens will receive $4.5 million.

The restaurant and accommodations bundle of services will be brought online early next year and will streamline the process of applying for multiple government permits and licences.

It will include the ability to request and pay for services such as liquor licence renewals, food safety and permits to sell food, making it easier for restaurants to operate. The restaurant and accommodations bundle is the first to be undertaken by government and will serve as a launch pad for other areas.

Gordon Stewart, executive director of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, believes this bundle will be heartily endorsed by the restaurant sector.

“We are extremely pleased with this initiative. The restaurant and accommodations bundle package is paving the road and improving business efficiencies for operators and entrepreneurs,” said Mr. Stewart. “This corrects a long-held belief that there are too many forms and duplication for new entrants to the business market.

“This is a stepping stone to do more and serve the business community, the province, and a welcome call to do business in Nova Scotia.”

“Businesses have told us that they want government to make it easier to do business in Nova Scotia by creating an environment that fosters economic growth, and reduces red tape,” said Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey. “There are many regulatory requirements to follow when opening a restaurant. This bundle gives businesses the convenience they need to be successful and contribute to our growing economy.”

Details of the Access for Citizens program will be announced soon.

Annually, government commits capital spending for equipment, roads, schools, buildings and other public infrastructure. This initiative and others will be found in the 2015-16 capital plan.

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