Suffering From A Clogged Shower Drain? Here is How You Can Unblock It!

There’s nothing worse than waking up to find that your shower drain is clogged and you can’t get out of the bathroom in time for work. If you’ve ever had a clogged drain, chances are good that the problem came from a buildup of hair and soap. Generally, hair can accumulate over time, creating an ideal environment for soap (detergent) to stick. 

But there’s a way around it! Another possible cause could be plumbing problems like a leaking toilet or broken pipe. Whatever the reason behind clogging, you can always call expert plumbers to take care of the problem. But there are a few things you can try on your own to tackle the issue of the clogged shower drain.

  • How to Know If Your Shower Drain Is Clogged?

Before starting to work on solving the problem, let’s determine if there is a problem. Here are some signs that the shower drain may be clogged:

  • If your shower drain is clogged because of debris buildup, then you will notice a strong foul odor coming from the drain
  • Most clogged drains have the same symptoms, poor or incomplete water drainage
  • The water drains down slowly from the shower drain is also an indicator of partial blockage

All these are symptoms of a clogged shower drain, and you can find more about them at If you experience any of these problems in your bathroom, it’s best to clean the shower drain immediately. 

  • Reasons Behind Clogged Shower Drains

There are many reasons why your home’s shower drain is clogged. But here are the most common causes that you could have.

  • Hair, lint, and soap is the most common cause of clogging shower drains. A shower drain with hair buildup is usually a sign of a more significant problem, like a broken or knotted pipe or a leak in the plumbing system.
  • Another cause for clogged shower drains can be either internal or external leaks. 
  • Sometimes, the material of the shower drain itself can wear out so that it clogs up and forms shavings. 

If you want an expert opinion on why your shower drain is clogged, you should call a licensed plumber to look. A professional should fix all plumbing issues.

  • Tips to Unblock Shower Drain At Home

There are many things that you can try before calling a plumber. To successfully unblock a shower drain, it is essential to clear out any clogged hair and debris in the shower drain. To do this, turn on your hot water tap and run it on cold days, then install a liquid drain cleaner into your shower’s pipe. 

If you can’t find any liquid drain cleaners at home, then there is always a good old-fashioned way to tackle the problem of shower drain clogging. All you need is a liquid soap, vinegar, and boiling water. To unclog your shower drain with this method, unscrew the chrome plate at the top of your shower – or wherever you want to start opening. 

It’s nice to know that there are some easy ways to deal with a clogged drain. These methods can help you save money and offer an alternative solution to expensive, professional services. 

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