What Are The Important Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer About Child Custody?

If you are going through a divorce process and you have a child, the next thing that comes for settling is child custody. You may have some questions and doubts regarding the child custody laws. Before facing the court, you should get all the doubts cleared by your lawyers. Here is a list of questions that you can ask your lawyer about child custody.

What are the Considerations Court Will Take?

You should know the considerations; the judge can take for child custody cases. The factors are decided to depend on the best decision for the child. 

  • The emotional requirements of the child
  • The health of the parents who will be taking care of the child
  • Relationships with the parents with their children
  • The ability of the parent to provide a stable environment for the child
  • If there are signs of abuses
  • Able to meet the developmental requirements of the child

How to File For Child Custody?

While you are filing for a divorce, you will require applying for the custody of your child. You can also file for child custody during the legal separation process. Mesa, AZ will guide you through the right process of applying for custody. 

Paternity needs to be proved by the father whether he is the biological father or not. When the paternity is established, he can go forward in filing the custody rights for the child.

Can Mothers Automatically Get Custody Of The Child?

In some states, mothers get automatic rights for the child and the father needs to establish with proof. But when the case is strong against the incompetence of the mother in parenting, sole custody is offered to the father.

Do I need To Pay For Child Support?

If you are the sole parent who is taking care of the child, you may require child support for some help in taking care of the child. When you are obtaining child support services, you will have to pay for them. For professional care, you may visit

How Will The Child Support Service Work?

When you are requesting financial support for your child, it will cover the necessary items for the well-being of the child like shelter and food. It will be offered monthly to the parent who is in sole custody of the child. The amount of support will depend upon the current income of the parent who is not taking sole custody. Sometimes the agreements are customized according to the requirements of the child and the parents.


You should always ask your lawyers when you have doubts and queries regarding the child custody case. If you are ready with your answers before facing the court, the separation and the child custody process will go smoothly and fast. All the questions mentioned above will help you in clearing your doubts with your lawyers before facing the verdict of the judge in the court.

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