summer living

My honeysuckle plant is just starting to bloom. It is entwined through the wooden side slats of my deck and I love the way it looks, all tangled and wild. One of my plans this summer is to make my deck into a small oasis of calm and beauty. I’ve always had tomato plants and pots of growing stuff on it but they have been haphazard and standard. This year I am planning on doing things out there with a bit more thought towards asthetics and on a budget:) Fragrant flowers and herbs. Colour. I would love to have a water feature. Don’t you just love the soft song of running water?

I bought some comfy new brown chairs at Costco ($15 each) and managed to snag a brown and green beach umbrella at Superstore which matches beautifully and does the job just as well as a regular table umbrella (at least for now). Our summers are gorgeous but short and I wish to spend as much time outside enjoying it as I can. Making my deck into a summer “room”will help:)

This weekend is the annual YMCA fundraiser Over the Garden Gate. A few wonderful private gardens are opened up to the public and we wander about soaking up inspiration and beauty. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, finished with a cup of tea somewhere:)


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