Sun’s out at the Foggy Goggle

And…it’s fall.  How quickly did that happen?  I went from frolicking in my flip flops and denim cut-offs to having to resort to my space heater at work to take away the chill.  Yes, autumn is upon us, and that means comfort food; thick soups, hearty stews, red wine and no more patios. 🙁 

But last week, when my friend and I ate on the patio at the Foggy Goggle, there was nothin’ but sunshine-y skies and a warm summer breeze.  It was one of those evenings where beer was $2 off and we had nothin but time.  My friend ordered the Man Salad – and that’s exactly what it was: a 6 oz. steak cooked med-rare, served on a bed of organic greens with toasted almonds, sun dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese and red onion drizzled in a Balsamic vinaigrette.  

It’s not often that we share the same food cravings, and I’ve never, ever seen him order a salad in a resto, but this one turned the tables on the ‘usual’ salad.  The flavour combos were excellent and the textures intriguing.  The steak was juicy and had tons of flavour; the almonds and red onion provided crunch, while the sweet chewy cranberries and creamy, blue cheese were ‘besties’ in this dish with the tart flavour playing off the pungent one.

While he dove into his vibrant plate, I had the Marinara mussels; a pound of mussels in a spicy marinara with tomatoes, onion and jalapeno.  They were OK – not the best mussels I’ve had in this city, but certainly not the worst either.  i think that I was hoping for a thicker sauce; which it wasn’t.  Still, I ate the whole dish as the shellfish themselves were plump and moist.

I’m sad to see the summer end and to have to head back indoors to dine; one of my favourite summer activities – like half of the people in this town- is to drink an icy cold beer on a patio.  I suppose that’s life though, the seasons come and go, and so too must our eating and drinking habits.  I guess I should look on the bright side: now I can sit at the bar and drink red wine/hot buttered rum/Dark n’ Stormys/Bailey’s/etc. to my heart’s content!


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