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Sunday walk

I love walking in the woods, along the ocean, down meandering trails but I also enjoy exploring interesting streets. This is a street I have walked down a million times and I still enjoy it. South Park Street, headed to Point Pleasant Park. Lots of the houses have plaques declaring they are part of  “A Victorian Streetscape”. Yesterday my friend and I had a lovely afternoon enjoying these Victorian Streetscapes!

We came across a interesting little table on the sidewalk which I contemplated taking to paint. A woman putting out bags and bags of items to be given away or collected as garbage, told us she was clearing out the apartment of her aunt who had lived fiercely independently there for 45 years. She had just died at age 95. We stood and chatted in the sunshine for about thirty minutes. Her aunt had worked for a law firm, never married because she enjoyed her freedom, she was the last of the older generation, her niece who I was talking to was from Toronto, they were having family gatherings nightly……
I like to talk to people, I am curious and interested in them and I find that most people like to talk back if encouraged. Makes for a better day:) You can learn the most unexpected things sometimes.
We stopped in at the Halifax Central Library for a coffee after our long walk. Pavia up in the sky! Hope you had a good weekend!

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