Sur la pont d’Avignon OR this is the song that never ends

So…it’s been a while since my last post, hasn’t it? I’m working on a bunch of secret side projects and just trying to find that right level of balance. Also, this weather has just been too depressing. Thinking back on the glorious sunshine of the south of France really just makes me want to pack up my bags and move there. Literally. I’m not even joking. In any case, I’m going to try and get through this vacation wrap-up and then perhaps summer will finally happen here in Halifax? Maybe?

One of my favourite destinations is Avignon. More specifically the historic centre. Walled in from the outside world, it’s still a thriving area with a university and ample shopping but you’re also pretty much tripping over ancient stuff everywhere you go. The last time Cokebaby and I were in Avignon, we were celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary. You can read the recap elsewhere on the blog.

This time around we were travelling with the in-laws, including a six-year-old niece. Combine that with the purchase of a music box playing “Sur la pont d’Avignon” and you get a song that seriously NEVER ENDS. All fun until someone goes crazy. It was definitely a different trip than the first but fun in another way.

An interesting juxtaposition.

Where it all began…with the song that never ends.


Part of a larger statue.

The French call it window licking.

Next up: more historic sites and a couple of restaurant reviews.




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