Surfing Nova Scotia!

Hey, did you know that Nova Scotia has a thriving surf scene!? Just a thirty minute drive from where I live, is Lawrencetown Beach, where all year round you can find surfers doing their thing. Even in the dead of winter!! Wearing full body wet suits year round too. The water is chilly here.

I drove out here with my daughter on Saturday and we had a great time watching the waves, surfers, and listening to the deafening roar of the waves crashing and then raking over the pebbles. We talked to a young man and his girlfriend from Montreal who had come here to try the waves. It was an odd day with a giant fog bank just offshore, you can see it in the distance.

People come from all over the world to surf here. We counted 27 people on the water on Saturday. Who knew? Here at Lawrencetown, a small community of surfers has evolved. B&B’s, shops, surf schools, and up high on the hill is MacDonald House, an old home now a tearoom and surfshop/rental place. H and I stopped in for lunch:) This was taken from that hill looking in the opposite direction. Way off to the right, strong rip currents have taken more than one life , swimming is forbidden there.

There are some cool website you can check out, one is Magic Seaweed that tells you the height of the waves. The day we were there they were 5′ 6secs. Today I checked and they are 7′ 6secs! A fantastic site is Scotia Surfer. Lots of great pics and info and links. Moonlight Beach Inn B&B, has a great aerial shot showing the area. Right now the beach is quite pebbled but depending on the time of year, tides and weather, it becomes sandy.

Those black dots floating in the water above the wave are surfers. Waiting for that perfect wave:) They sort of look like seals!

As always, my bold traveling companion, partner in crime. and daughter:)

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