Survivor – It’s a new Dawn, it’s a new day


Dawn Meehan

Hello again, Survivor fans! Before getting to the regular recap, there’s some business to take care of. Longtime readers might know that every year I take part in my mom’s office Survivor pool. The results are in, and I got my first choice! Dawn.

My top six ranked were Dawn, Brenda, Matt, Malcolm, Cochran and Sherri. I would have been happy ending up with any of them, but I’m thrilled that I ended up with Dawn – she was my dark horse pick to win it all. My mom, who has still yet to win the pool she founded, got her first choice, Corinne. This is the first year my fiance Rob and I were able to have separate picks, and he ended up with Reynold. His top six (Malcolm, Reynold, Brenda, Andrea, Eddie and Erik) looked pretty different than mine so we shall see who comes out on top.

So at the top of the episode, we had Dawn crying and Brandon acting a crazy fool. I guess some things never change. I was a little nervous that Dawn was once again sobbing on Survivor, but she walked away from the situation and took some time alone. It looked like she pulled it together, and as long as she can keep her emotions under control she should be OK. I still think Dawn and Cochran are in a very good position on the Favorites tribe.

Put a Ring On It


Fans vs. Faves

The Immunity Challenge required tribes to assign roles, which is a big part of why I think the Faves came out on top. This isn’t their first rodeo and they know how to organize and delegate before a challenge. The Fans were disorderly, and Shamar’s sour attitude was noticeable. It’s official: dude’s the worst. I had him ranked in very last place for the office pool, and I pity my grandfather who ended up with him.

The challenge required three team members to go out on a raft and dive to retrieve some rings underwater. Then three other team members would pull them back in. Then, three final team members would throw the rings and to get them onto three posts. The Favorites were way ahead – Erik was great in the water, and they smartly took turns diving. Weirdly, Sherri spent way too much time diving without giving her teammates a chance. Malcolm had landed two rings before the Fans even hit shore.

Reynold and Michael made a bit of a comeback for the Fans tribe, but Phillip landed the winning ring for the Favorites, so they won both Immunity and some fishing gear.

Special Ops

Back at camp, Phillip was already rubbing people the wrong way with his typical antics. He’s given everyone nicknames and has declared himself CEO of the tribe. He was safe this week, but it won’t surprise me if he goes soon – not before Brandon, though. As we saw from the scenes for next week, he’s about to threaten to pee in the rice. That’s some pyshcopathic ‘ish right there.

Phillip is reminding me of Coach from Heroes vs. Villains. His persona seems more forced than last time. Like Coach, he became famous for his craziness and I think there’s some pressure to up the ante when returning as an all-star.

Shame-ar On You



Over at the Fans’ camp, everyone discussed how disorganization was to blame for their loss. Reynold was quite vocal in calling out Shamar for “unacceptable behavior”, which of course set Shamar off. The argument didn’t sit too well with Rob, who has Reynold in the pool. Reynold is fantastic in challenges and has a great shot at making the merge, but his personality isn’t the best. Even if he makes it to the end, he doesn’t strike me as someone who could win.

Luckily for Reynold (and for Rob), he went looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and found it after “not that long”. Ugh. Producers! You have to hide this stuff better! Everyone knows to look in the hollowed out parts of trees! I think it’s time to take Dalton Ross up on his idea of hiding them at the challenges.

The tribe was pretty split between voting out Shamar or Allie, and the swing votes were Michael and Matt. That dynamic duo is the Dawn & Cochran of their tribe. Everyone’s looking at the foursome as an example of the danger of couples, but Matt and Michael’s pairing could prove to be just as effective. I had a feeling they’d end up voting out Allie, since they both strike me as more misfits than people who sit at the “cool kids table”.

Right before leaving for Tribal Council, Laura noticed a bulge in Reynold’s pocket and immediately knew what it was. Ha! Outed by his tight pants. She couldn’t alert anyone before leaving for Tribal Council, but managed to slip it in while they were there. Reynold revealed the idol to everyone, and I thought he said he’d play it. Do I have that wrong, guys? Did he not promise to play it? He didn’t, and it went back into his pocket before Probst read the votes.

Sherri disappointed me this week. She’s someone who I thought might be a good player, like a Dawn or a Denise. But she’s more of a dud. She kind of blew the challenge, and then at Tribal Council she announced she’d be keeping her vote the same and then abruptly added “Maybe.” Huh? Pull it together, lady. This is the big leagues.



Shamar received four votes, but Allie got six and was sent packing. I appreciate fans of the show, but I can’t pity someone who got sent home first from her tribe when her strategy was so poor. Creating a solid alliance of four alienates you in a tribe of ten, it doesn’t put you in control. Now that that foursome has been broken up, I won’t be surprised if we see Shamar voted out next time the Fans make it to Tribal Council.

I’m loving this season so far! What did you guys think of the episode?

Survivor – It’s a new Dawn, it’s a new day


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