Survivor Update: Voting

I’ve just been reading some things on the Interwebs about last night’s Survivor finale and thought I’d share that Cochran, Edna and Rick were the only people who voted for Coach.

I said in my recap that I was surprised Cochran voted for Coach because I think, objectively, that Sophie played a stronger strategic game of Survivor than Coach did. One interesting thing to note is that other than Cochran (who abandoned Savaii immediately), everyone from Savaii voted for Sophie.

I recommend you guys read Sophie’s interview with Dalton Ross on She talks about how she thinks the jury appreciated her brutal honesty during Tribal Council, and that as religious people she thinks Dawn and Brandon were turned off of Coach’s manipulation of faith. I LOVE that Brandon voted for Sophie rather than Coach. Love it. Another interesting thing? Sophie says “Albert is the worst challenge player in the history of Survivor. I feel confident saying that. Even like, Courtney Yates won a challenge, right? I mean, whatever, he won one challenge,” which is funny to read after I wrote in my recap that I was seriously disappointed in how Albert did this season – he looks like he’d be a monster in challenges, and he totally failed.


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