Sushi & The Symphony

Evenin’ everyone, I’m blogging a bit later than usual today because I just got in from a fun evening out with Angie & Jaime. A few days ago I mentioned that Jaime and I won tickets from Symphony Nova Scotia, well tonight was the show.

In true Haliblogger fashion we made it a night out and met up for dinner beforehand. After hearing Jaime’s review of Doraku, I knew where I wanted to go…


Ang and I arrived a bit early so we had a bit of time to snap some pics. It looks like a little hole in the wall from the outside…

HPIM1239 HPIM1241

But the inside was just lovely. The first place we hit was the bathroom. There were candles and all kinds of yummy smells throughout the building. 🙂 After powdering our noses our waitress took us to our seats – we actually had to take our shoes off and walk up the table. It was so neat!

HPIM1242 HPIM1243

While we waited for Jaime to arrive we browsed the menu and decided on a bunch of rolls to split.

I like to have green tea when I’m having sushi, ours came in a beautiful teapot.

HPIM1251 HPIM1250

We decided to start of with a cup of miso soup and a few bowls of edamame for the table. The miso soup really hit the spot on this cold, damp day.

And of course, the best part, the rolls. We ordered a few different ones to share including – Sweet Potato Tempura , Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Tuna and a Spicy Scallop. It was the best sushi I’ve had in the city. I’m definitely not an expert but better than the other 2 places I’ve been. 🙂 (Excuse my poor quality pictures.)

After dinner, we made a dash for the Cohn and arrived just in time to get a few ticket issues sorted out (the staff were great and very accommodating!) and got to meet two other Halifax Twitters@TammiHayne and @AliceinParis. So cool to meet other local twitters! I may have snuck a few pics once we got inside…

We enjoyed the sounds of “Brushstrokes and Bows.” Over all I liked it. I just wish I hadn’t have been up since 5am because I was pretty tired. It was my first time going to a Symphony though and it was pretty amazing! Thanks again to Symphony Nova Scotia for the tickets! I can’t wait to go back in December to see the Nutcracker!

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