Sweet Home Alabama: Tribble chose…

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the finale of Sweet Home Alabama – I’m about to discuss it in almost embarrassing detail. So if you haven’t seen it go watch now, because we need to talk about it together.

OK, friends, let’s get right to it. Yay! Going into the episode, I was sure Tribble was going to choose Jackie. She’s tall, skinny and glamorous. She’s new and adventurous. She got better dates. And then after the final two dates from the episode, I was sure she was a shoe-in. I was disappointed, I was ready to feel betrayed by Tribble (because, obviously as avid fans, we all have personal stakes in this right?) and was ready to watch Tristan in the next season of the show.

But no! Tribble surprised me and instead chose sweet, Southern Tristan to be his girlfriend. Were you guys psyched? OK, let’s talk about the dates.

New York, I Love You

Tribble would be going on day-to-night dates with each of the girls – although Sweet Home Alabama is a discreet show, so there were no keys to fantasy suites here. And once again, Jackie got the most glamorous date – a trip to New York City.

Look, I get it. She’s from New York, she needs to take him up there and sell him on the city. Just like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits. OK not much like that at all, but you know what I mean. And I was sure that the bright lights and big city would cloud Tribble’s judgment and convince him that Jackie was the right gal for him. After all, it was a pretty awesome date.

First they went on a romantic boat ride in Central Park. Jackie looked amazing in a maxi dress, and it seemed like something out of one of those New York set romantic comedies that I eat up with a spoon. Then Jackie changed into dance clothes and taught Tribble a few moves. That was kind of weird, and mostly reminded me of Tenley from The Bachelor.

Next the two went to a bar for wine and caviar. It was possibly the funniest part of the whole show. This face? My favorite.

“Mmm. It needs some, um, hot sauce or something.”

Best. Possible. Response. Right there.

Jackie told Tribble that New York was the place to be if he wanted to pursue a career in television, and with that I thought it was a lock. There are a few typical ways to a guy’s heart – food, understanding football, and being supportive of his hopes and dreams. Jackie was so supportive of Tribble career goals, I thought it was all over right there.

The date concluded with a sunset harbor cruise, and Tribble interpreted the beautiful sunset as a sign from God. Then he told Jackie he loved her. Yikes. That’s not a great move when you’re dating two girls.

Home Sweet Home

Next was Tribble’s big date with Tristan, and while I thought it was basically the most adorable thing in the world, I was worried it just wouldn’t measure up to exciting New York City.

Tristan is going to school to become a nurse, and giving back is a part of who she is. So the daytime portion of the date was just that – taking part in an annual charity day for kids with disabilities. Seriously? Way to make everyone else look like jerks, Tristan.

Obviously, I’m kidding – I thought the date was awesome because it showed how Tristan actually is. This is what she does, and it was nice to see them not be in date mode, but just relaxed and having fun with the kids. And, I’m pretty sure every single viewer’s heart melted when Tribble teared up while talking about the kids. Still, I was worried – a glamorous, exciting trip to New York city or an adorable day spent with challenged kids? Which one do you think a dude would go for?

Sweet Home Alabama: Tribble chose... Later Tribble and Tristan took a plane ride to watch the sunset, frolicked on the beach and had a romantic dinner. They looked like a couple from a perfume ad or something.

Oh, and Tribble also told Tristan that he loved her. Yes, he told BOTH girls “I love you”. Oh my. Emotional mess, much? These dating shows sure do mess with a person’s heart. It must have been crazy hard for Tristan to watch Tribble tell Jackie “I love you” in New York, even though ultimately Tribble chose her.

City vs. Country

Sweet Home Alabama: Tribble chose...
Gratuitous shot of Tribble running shirtless. You’re welcome.

And then it was time for the decision. Tribble debated sexy, sophisticated Jackie or sweet, down-home (and also, for the record, incredibly beautiful) Tristan. Jackie talked about how Tristan would hold Tribble back, and Tristan talked about how Tribble would one day want to make a life in his home, the South.

Tribble talked to Jackie first, and he let her down as gently as possible. When I interviewed Tribble a few days ago, he said that although the whole process took about six weeks, it was so intense that breaking up with the runner-up (Jackie) felt like breaking up with someone he’d been dating about a year. And I think as Tribble broke the news to her, you could tell that it was hard to do.

Jackie left without saying anything, which is understandable. What is there to say? Tribble followed her outside and said he knows how she feels, but there’s not really much you can say in that situation. Poor Jackie. Hopefully she finds a nice guy in New York – maybe one who likes caviar!

With the breakup out of the way, it was time for Tribble to tell Tristan he wanted to be with her. I really liked what Tribble said – that he hasn’t figured out his life but knows he wants to be with her. What I love about Sweet Home Alabama is that there’s no ridiculous proposal at the end, there are no forced and unrealistic expectations put on the relationship.

So Tristan got the first kiss and the last kiss. I don’t know about y’all, but I loved watching this season and was so excited about the result. I wish them well!

What did you guys think of the finale? Did Tribble choose the right girl? And what do you think of the news that Paige Duke will star in the next season? You know I was hoping for Cassie, but Paige seemed sweet, fun and full of personality so I think it’ll be a great season. See you back on the blog then!

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