Sydney River Bridge Opens to Vehicles

The new bridge on Keltic Drive in Sydney River will be open to vehicle traffic starting today, Dec. 22, at 2 p.m.

Construction to replace the bridge began in July 2013. Total cost of the structure is estimated at about $14.5 million.

Work still remains on the active transportation lane, which should be ready by the end of January. Traffic will be reduced to one lane during daytime hours while this work continues. The bridge will also be closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic until the active transportation lane is open.

There will also be some additional finishing work, such as painting and cleanup, to be completed during spring and summer.

The structure is only the second in Nova Scotia to use a new pier made of three, large concrete rock piles. This design minimizes the bridge’s environmental footprint and reduces costs.

Once completed, the bridge will provide access across the river for bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as vehicles.

The shuttle service will continue until work is finished. An official opening will take place in the new year once the bridge is completed.

Source: Release

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