Taco Time

Usually when I ask hubby what he wants for supper, his standard answer is “meatloaf.”  It’s actually become quite the long-standing joke.  This afternoon when I asked him though, he quickly answered with TACOS!!

I was game, I love a good crunchy, tasty taco!

Sometimes I make tacos from scratch, other times, like tonight, I go the lazy route and buy a kit. I always add lots of veggies with the meat to health-ify it up though! 😉 

IMG_3628   IMG_3633

IMG_3635 IMG_3641

Tonight’s mix included extra lean ground beef, green peppers, onions & a can of black beans.

I set the table and patiently waited…and waited…and waited for hubby to get home.  He stayed late at work and then the highway was full of construction and down to one lane. Silly traffic. 🙁

My fav toppings are cheese, greens, fresh tomatoes & salsa.  Have to say, this salsa was pretty lame.  It was more like spicy tomato sauce.  I should of bought the real deal. (Or made my own!)


Still using up the lettuce from our garden.


The food was getting cold so I opted to eat with out him.  Sorry babe.


Mmm, I always have leftovers.  Guess who’s having taco salad in their lunch tomorrow? 😉

I could eat this buy the spoonful.   YUM!



All lined up.  My plate looks so tidy. Hahah, not for long! I’m such a messy taco eater.  Usually the salsa ends up dripping down my chin.  I avoid eating tacos in public settings. 😉


Updates –

So, I am having quite a frustrating week and I’m trying not to let it get to me. It’s hard.  Even though this was only a four day week, I’m REALLY looking forward to the weekend.  Got lots to do in the garden, around the house and we’re celebrating my Dad’s 50th birthday party with a big brunch at the Prince George!  <— That will be a fun post, especially now that I’ve got MariLynn! 😉

The DebtOur plan is slowly working.  Credit card balances are getting paid down.  Not as quickly as I’d hope but none the less, paid down.  Still spending lots on food but I think I’m just going to accept that.  I have preferred brands and I like to buy organic. It ain’t cheap.  It’s also hard when it’s the summer and you want to go out and enjoy things.   I’ve been trying to find cheap stuff – like the fireworks, movies etc.  We’ve cut waaaay back on take out coffee too. In general, we’re in a better place and that’s all that I could really ask for.

Yoga Challenge – It seems like everyone had a great time with the Yoga Challenge. Thanks to all who participated!  I enjoyed practicing before bed, seemed to really help me relax for a good night’s sleep. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get a challenge together for this week. I’m thinking of doing a 7 Day Shred Challenge starting this Sunday.  Anyone interested?

Recipes – I’m trying to make a better collection of all the recipes I’ve posted on the blog.  I’ve got a page started that I’m trying to make look nice.    I hope to get it all done over the weekend. 

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