Tako – its not a Mexican Dish

I am a big fan of Ramen , not Mr Noodle but real quality made Ramen and heard there was a spot on Parkland in Clayton Park called Tako

So I decided to try it out and I am so glad I did


We ordered 2 bowls of Ramen I took the Osaka Ramen, red miso soup, w/ chashiu (pork) & egg and it was delicious the broth could have had a bit more punch for my palette  but it was well balanced and fulfilling.

My son had the regular miso and I never got try his as he was openly sharing.

We also ordered some sushi and the fish was very fresh the Spicy Salmon was great, and I have a new favourite in Mango sushi (w shrimp tempura and avocado) There was also Lobster Nigiri which I didn’t get to try but was described to me as MMMMMYYYMMMMM

Now ususally I am not a dessert eater unless I am purposely seeking desert but when it comes to japenese I am a big fan of Black Sesame, Mango and Green Tea ice creams, and they have all those flavours but wait it gets better they Deep Fry them !! it was a sweet pankp batter and it was surrounding my Green Tea ice cream and i was unreal. The boy ordered the mago straight up but had it topped with tempura bananas and it was top shelf as well.

The restaurant was basic but bright , the service was excellent.

I will definitely be back.


Couple little menu notes, I love their ramen slurping octopus


and it must have been quite the hurricane because the letters got a little scrambled :)




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