Talay Thai

Talay Thai is one of those random little restos in my hood that I always noticed, but never ventured into- BIG mistake! This place is one of those little gems that, once you’ve eaten there, it’ll end up on your “go-to restos” list. At least I have one- doesn’t everybody??

I went with a friend of mine and we decided to share two distinctly different curries. He also indulged my desire for grease when I declared my need for something deep fried. We shared two spring rolls that were only slightly greasy, delightfully crispy and ridiculously delicious!

Spring rolls

We shared the two curries that were freakin amazing, and an order of basmati rice. I have to say, it’s a little humbling when you out eat your date, but I’m over it because this food was so delicious. The Duck Curry had big chunks of meat in a sweet and spicy sauce accompanied by tomatoes, red grapes and pineapple, while the Cashew Chicken, a little milder had loads of peppers and crunchy, buttery cashews.

Duck Curry

Cashew Chicken

I love trying little spots that are just around the corner. There’s no shortage of fine dining, ethnic cuisine or greasy goodness in my SOSG hood (South of Spring Garden, although it doesn’t have the same ring as SOHO). Dammit! Anyway, these all contribute to my stomach being satisfied, and when you think about food as much as I do, that’s my #1 priority.

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