Talkin’ Hoops with Halifax Rainmen centre, Larry Turner

When Larry Turner made his debut in Halifax, he made quite an impression against the Puerto Rico Capitanes.  He got the start at centre and finished with 10 points and 7 boards.  But most importantly, the Rainmen got the win against one of the toughest teams in the PBL.  Now, the former Los Angeles Laker will be an integral part of the Rainmen’s quest to make noise in this season’s playoffs.  I had the chance to ask Larry a little about his game, his impressions on the city of Halifax and his thoughts on his Lakers experience.


Romy ( The Rainmen signed you to be a tough, strong inside presence, how have you adjusted to the new team?

Larry Turner: I’m adjusting fine, I came in knowing what the team needed from me; I take pride in my defense and my presence in the middle. I look forward to contributing to the team as much as possible. The chemistry is getting stronger everyday between me and my teammates.

Romy ( First impressions of the city of Halifax?

Larry Turner: My first impression of Halifax was that it is a very cold city. I am a southern guy and am used to the warm weather. I like the city and I think it’s energetic and welcoming. The people here are very friendly and humble and I love our fans here.

Romy ( You’ve been with the team a few games now, what has impressed you so far about this team?

Larry Turner: What has impressed me about the team the most is that we have all the parts that make up a great team. We have a good outside attack as well as a good inside game. All the guys get along well and we have the same focus and goals to win the championship. This is a hard-working team and I look forward to going into the playoffs and battle with my teammates for the championship.

Romy ( For those that don’t know much about your game, what type of player is Larry Turner? Who do you compare yourself to?

Larry Turner: I am a hard-working and physical player dedicated to my craft. I am one of the players that you would consider to do the dirty work on the court like set great picks, rebounding, blocking shots, and defending the best post-player on the opposing team. I bring a physical presence in the inside with my offense and I like to bring a lot of energy to the game and give 110% everytime I step on the court. I would compare myself to Tim Duncan who is my favorite player.

Romy ( You signed with the Lakers back in ’07, what was it like working out with some of the best talent in the NBA?

Larry Turner: It was the best experience in my basketball career so far to be able to play with the best player in my era, Kobe Bryant and to be coached by the greatest coach, Phil Jackson. I worked out with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar everyday before practice on my post-moves and that was a rewarding experience for me to gain basketball knowledge from the best centre to ever play the game, in my opinion. Working with these individuals really allowed me to see a new level of hard work and how dedicated you must be to increase your game in order to play with the best on a nightly basis in the NBA. It was amazing to see how hard Kobe came in the gym and worked everyday and that inspired me to push myself so that I can be the best player that I can be.

Romy ( I read that you trained in the Philippines a few years back, how was that experience?

Larry Turner: That was a wonderful experience for me as a young player still in college trying to prepare myself for the next level. I worked out with a trainer name Kirk Collier and we did two workouts a day for a month and a half and I came back to college for my senior year in the best shape that I have ever been in. Being in that good of shape increased my game so that I could play longer and make better decisions in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line.

Romy ( Are you superstitious guy, do you have any weird pre-game rituals?

Larry Turner: I listen to music, say a prayer and make sure to eat some chocolate for energy.

Romy ( Let’s hear a bit about your musical tastes, what’s on your iPod these days?

Larry Turner: I’m a fan of Gospel, Rap and RnB and on my iPod you will find Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and for Gospel, Kirk Franklin.

A huge thanks goes out to Larry Turner for taking part in our Q and A, be sure to check him out at the Metro Centre on Wednesday night when the Halifax Rainmen take on the Quebec Kebs! 

Romy Aquino covers the pro basketball game (the Canadian Flavour of the NBA, the PBL’s Halifax Rainmen) from a fan’s perspective.  He also can be found at NBA hoops blogs, Hip Hoop Junkies (A Member of’s Sports Federation) and Hoop Heads North.  Follow him on Twitter: @romyaquino

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