Teaching Technology Through Tradition — Digital Histories Project — NOW IN BOOKLET FORM

In 2003 our “Teaching Technology Through Tradition” project gave ROC the first opportunity to collect and digitize information about the history of our area. This project clearly demonstrated the wealth of stories and information that abounds in each of the unique villages that make up our area. Through the course of the last twelve months, we have amassed an enormous amount of information, some of which we have not been able to include in this presentation, however we sincerely wish to thank everyone who worked with us so generously.

Now, six years have passed since the beginning of the “Teaching Technology Through Tradition” project, and due to popular demand, we have created a version of this project that is available in booklet form.  You will be able to download and print your own copy.
In this booklet you will find a copious amount of historical information about:

  • The Prospect area
  • The founding families of the area
  • Recipies of the time
  • Local folkloreStories
  • Geography
  • Lifestyles of the time

This booklet was put together as one of the summer projects here at the ROC in the summer of 2009.  Special thanks to Ashley Thomas and Brian Berry for their efforts to make this booklet a reality!

Download and print your own copy and get ready to embark on a historical voyage learning about the roots of your community!

Photo credit: Suzie Ridler

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