Late August

This is the Tangled Garden in Wolfville. A small magical place I visit every time we go there. I love this wee arbor. Very inviting, just one of a few artfully placed about the place. The building you see at the end is the potting shed.

We really are in those golden days of late summer. The nights are beautifully crisp and make for grand sleeping. The days are warm and lazy. Gardens are wrapping up their summer party. I’ve got the window open and there is a fine fresh breeze wafting through.

How about this?….watermelon and tomato salad! It was really good. Odd combination but it works. I saw it mentioned somewhere and thought, I must try it. So….I did 🙂

RAP DITTY, scroll down to find it and vote if it pleases you. It will please me:)

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