Minnie’s Bouquet

This is just the sort of thing Mickey might buy for his sweetheart:)
Available on eBay, 8 x 16″, stretched canvas.

Thanks for the comments on the surf pictures! It was fantastic to see:) Gorgeous day today here in Nova Scotia. Perfect late August afternoon. I am fretting about the end of summer……as much as I ADORE autumn, winter is so long. I have yet to take a summer vacation. Just one night away doesn’t count. Ah well, I still have some time left.

As always lately, Rap Ditty available for your voting pleasure. Scroll down to find it. I watched it again the other day and it made me smile. It was fun to make:) Nova Scotia Tourism has a facebook page and I saw that I am not the only one a bit disgruntled by the disparity in votes.
27,000+ votes for one video in particular VS less than 100 votes for most people. I have received quite a few and I am grateful but I have been promoting it here and on facebook and etc. etc. I feel badly for the people that have no outlet to promote their videos and don’t have the computer skills to get the votes. What was very exciting at first has become a bit of a disappointment. I think if there were some judges involved, everyone would get a fair shot. Not just those of us with a bit of internet sway. Ok, I’m off the soapbox.

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