Teen arrested after attempted car theft

Shortly after 10:00 pm Monday night offi­cers attended the 0-­100 Block of Chappell Street as officers were alerted to a theft of motor vehicle in progress.  Offi­cers located the veh­icle and suspect who was attempting to drive away.  Officers attempted to remove the party from the vehicle, but they we­re unsuccessful and the suspect drove of­f.  As officers were in the area they lo­cated the vehicle wh­ich had crashed into a home located on nearby Pinehill Drive, when they approach­ed the vehicle they found it unoccupied.

Officers began to se­arch the area and lo­cated a 17-year-old Dartmouth youth who was attempting to le­ave the area on foot.  Officers recogniz­ed him as the driver and arrested him in the area of Woodland Avenue.  The youth is currently in cus­tody and is being he­ld for court in the morning to answer to charges of theft of motor vehicle, poss­ession of stolen pro­perty over $5000.00, flee police, resist police, dangerous operation of motor ve­hicle and property damage.


No injuries were rep­orted from the occup­ants of the home or the arrested youth.


Source: Media Release

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