Terms of Reference Available for Northern Pulp’s Environmental Assessment Report

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Terms of Reference Available for Northern Pulp’s Environmental Assessment Report
Northern Pulp has informed the Department of Environment that it will continue the environmental assessment process for its proposed effluent treatment plant.

“Since the company has chosen to carry on with the environmental assessment process, we are legally required to continue,” said Environment Minister Gordon Wilson. “I want to assure Nova Scotians that, as Premier McNeil has confirmed, the Boat Harbour Act will be enforced as of Jan. 31.”

The company must submit an environmental assessment report. Draft terms of reference for the report were released today, Jan. 8.

The public and government reviewers have 30 days to comment on the draft. Once that happens, the company will have a chance to comment on the draft. A final terms of reference will be provided to the company by early April. Once the terms of reference are final, the company will have up to two years to complete the environmental assessment report.

Quick Facts:
— Northern Pulp registered its effluent treatment plant project for environmental assessment on Feb. 7, 2019
— the previous environment minister required a focus report on March 29
— the focus report was submitted Oct. 2
— Mr. Wilson required an environmental assessment report Dec. 17
— the deadline to comment on the draft terms of reference is Feb. 7, 2020

Additional Resources:
— the terms of reference and instructions on providing comments are at: https://novascotia.ca/nse/ea/Replacement_Effluent_Treatment_Facility_Project/
— for timelines and explanation of the process: https://novascotia.ca/nse/ea/docs/citizen-guide-to-environmental-assessment.pdf

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