Thanks for the day off, Vix

So there I was, full of gusto and imagining all the things I would cook and blog about over the Victoria Day long weekend. In actual fact, over the entire three days, I cooked nothing. Nothing! I didn’t even really go out to eat. So what did I do? See the aftermath and wreckage that was my

culinary weekend off below.

The rice had a bit of an unnatural flavour, but everything else was surprisingly tasty!
I split this up over two days’ worth of dinners.
Wild Horse Canyon Shiraz and a Lime Dufflet Tart from Pete’s.
Pita chips, Pete’s hummus, and spinach dip courtesy of Sobeys.
Pete’s build-your-own salad. I combined beans, olives, red onion, green onion, tomatos, feta, and sunflower seeds with a balsamic dressing. Ridiculously filling!


See, here’s the thing: I like to cook for me, but I love to cook for me when I have company. So with F. off in Vancouver, and finding myself solo for the weekend, I basically checked out, didn’t cook a thing, but still ate well and relatively healthily. This was my relaxing equivalent to ordering pizza in all weekend.
Truthfully, I’ve been living and eating like I’m still on vacation these past several months (Mom: your delicious baked good are not helping!), so not having any kind of health or fitness routine has really started to bother me. It’s something I find really hard to do without a little time on my own to re-prioritize and reflect. As a result, I decided not to make many plans over the weekend, other than attending a yoga class, taking a bath, going for a walk, and watching Restaurant: Impossible marathons on the Food Network. Taxing! I decided to embrace the weekend alone and get some Aimée Time in. Because of the open schedule, however, I was also able to take in a friend’s comedy show at the last minute, catch up with an old friend from high school, and spend an entire afternoon of quality time with my cousin, Melissa.
Despite the overrepresentation of pre-packaged food, I still got a nerdy, foodie high off of finding surprisingly delicious treats in the frozen food aisle and then foraging for gold – no difficult task! – with Melissa at Pete’s Frootique, which, in my opinion, is the next best thing to homemade. I felt utterly and perfectly indulged and I had the downtime I needed to get out and get my body really moving; a feeling that leaves me in a better state of mind to get back into a more balanced lifestyle in the coming weeks.
How did you spend your long weekend? What did you eat?


Morris East, Halifax

Trattoria della Nonna The Mariner King – Lunenburg, NS