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The Amazing Race – Bar Fights

I missed blogging about The Amazing Race last week, but I was sorry to see Team YouTube go out. I definitely liked them better than a couple of other teams – like a certain someone who threw a temper tantrum this week.

The teams flew to Kuala Lumpur this week, which was a little eerie given everything that has been going on this week.

You say jump, I say how high

Before getting on a flight, one team member had to grab a clue by jumping really high, with help from some kind of bamboo trampoline. It was fun to watch, but I was mostly just waiting to see the Globetrotters do it. I assumed Big Easy would be too heavy for the rickety-looking trampoline. And I hoped a guy named “Flight Time” would be able to nail it on the first jump. But no – Big Easy did it! Nothing broke, and he got it pretty quickly (not on the first try though).

Rachel was the worst at it, because she had on freakin’ pantyhose. ON THE AMAZING RACE. What’s wrong with, like, some leggings? Yoga pants? Anything comfortable?

Mix Master or Master Mix?

For both Detours, the teams headed to a Kuala Lumpur nightclub called Sky Bar. They could try DJing, or try bartending. I listen to electronic music sometimes but I have no real idea what a DJ does, so I think I would have tried to pour the pyramid of cocktails.

t07_grab_02_2The first few teams all went for the cocktail pouring, and damn, it looked difficult. Everyone was spilling and breaking stuff. After over 14 attempts, the Afghanimals bailed and tried the DJ challenge – and what seemed like immediately after, the Cowboys finally nailed it.

By the time the set of teams from the third flight arrived, the first group had been there for two hours. Then Connor successfully poured his drinks, so he and David took off.

The Afghnimals were the first to finish the DJ challenge, and they got it on their first try – it appeared to be a lot easier than the crazy cocktail challenge.

The Cowboys arrived at the Pit Stop first, the father and son second, and the Afghanimals third.

t05_grab_01_1Margie and Luke and Brendan and Rachel were still tackling the cocktails, while the Globetrotters, the country singers, and Jessica and John were playing DJ. None of them were doing very well. The next to finish, to my great surprise, were the country gals. I didn’t think they had it in them. Next were Jessica and John, and then Flight Time and Big Easy. All before anyone poured the cocktails correctly. They came fourth, fifth and sixth, in the order that they’d left the challenge.

I mean, I didn’t mind that two teams I really don’t care for were battling it out elimination. Margie and Brendan were pretty much handling the cocktail pouring on their own, and Brendan was on this 28th attempt. I was surprised that Brendan and Rachel didn’t switch challenges – obviously that wasn’t an option for Margie and Luke.

t10_grab_03The worst was when Luke gave it a shot, and upon failure just smashed his glasses on the floor in anger. Then he ran to the bathroom to cry. What the hell? He is 28 years old. He’s an adult. He is well into adulthood. And his mommy is telling him “that is not acceptable behavior” and telling him to clean up his mess. Get it together! He’s SUCH a temper-tantrum-throwing baby, I can’t stand it. There’s no excuse.

Margie suggested taking the time penalty together. I was glad Rachel shot down that idea, and said they should race it out. You know, like competing adults. She said from what she saw on TV, she thought Rachel was the “biggest crybaby ever”. UM, WHAT. She said that sitting next to a grown man who threw a temper tantrum? I hope Luke’s eye roll was meant to indicate at least some self-awareness.

Margie said talking to Rachel helped Luke regain his composure, but she was the one who completed the challenge. As always. I was actually bummed – I’m no fan of Brendan and Rachel, but I was pretty disgusted by Luke’s behavior this week. I’d rather have Rachel in the competition. Rachel seems to have matured since she last raced, and you can’t say the same for Luke at all.

t02_grab_01_1The club was closed by the time Brendan and Rachel finished. She wouldn’t give up, which would have been sweet if she’d been the one trying to pour the drinks. After three hours and twelve minutes, they finally got it. Good news awaited them at the Pit Stop, though – it was a non-elimination leg.

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