The Amazing Race Canada – Episode Two


The Amazing Race Canada

Monday night’s episode of TAR: Canada kicked off with all the teams flying from Kelowna to Vancouver, British Columbia.

For those wondering, Vancouver is on the West coast of Canada (I live far away on the East coast) and is known for environmental friendliness, potheads, the Olympics and having a high cost of living.

And by “known for” I mean “this is what I personally know”.

Once in Vancouver, everyone was instructed to head to the Richmond Oval for a Road Block. One of the teammates had to participate in a speed skating challenge. I wouldn’t have wanted to perform this one – I’m a terrible, nervous skater.

Next the teams headed to Chinatown, where a few of them struggled with navigation. Why weren’t more of them asking for help? The hippies had it right, stopping to ask for help rather than just wandering about for hours.

The Detour was a choice between drawing Chinese characters and performing a dance in a dragon costume. I would’ve gone for drawing, just because I have more of a visual memory and usually take a bit of time to pick up choreography. Usually, it seems like most teams on The Amazing Race struggle with dancing challenges.

Tim Sr. and Jr. wandering around like hapless idiots until they gave up on locating the dancing challenge and switched to drawing the Chinese characters. Meanwhile, the meathead morons decided to bail on dancing and draw instead. Right, like a guy named “Jet Black” would have the brains for that challenge. OK FINE I WAS WRONG. They were kind of awesome at the Detour. I’m as surprised as you are. The Gay Cowboys also switched challenges, bailing on the drawing in favor of dancing. These guys MET at a Gay Rodeo Association dance! How did they not initially choose dancing?

*BTW, Jamie and Pierre have the BEST bio. “When Jamie first saw the call for applicants for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA he immediately called Pierre and said, ‘Girl! Clutch your pearls, we can finally apply for THE AMAZING RACE!’”

Finally, the teams had to climb up high and spot the pit stop using binoculars. It was the living roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre, and the doctors arrived first. I don’t love them, but they nailed this leg.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.16.10 PMMy pals Hal and Joanne came second, and brothers Jody and Cory came third. I totally didn’t notice them last week, but they’re pretty awesome. The Hippies came in fourth – not as great as last week, but they’re still a strong team. The pretty sisters arrived fifth. Tim Squared came sixth, and Team Meathead came seventh.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.16.23 PMI’m bummed that the gay cowboys got eliminated so early, they had fun, bubbly personalities. They should have gone for the dancing Detour to begin with.

Next week: Calgary! That’s where my sister lives, and I’ve only been meaning to visit for like five years. Maybe I’ll finally go when I’m on The Amazing Race Canada Season 2.

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