The Amazing Race – Gnome Sweet Gnome

tarBotswana to Switzerland – the teams experienced quite the change in climate and scenery on The Amazing Race this week.

For some reason, this episode didn’t particularly hold my interest. The challenges were OK, but bundled up I thought the teams all kind of looked the same, and I had a hard time keeping track of them.

In Switzerland, the first thing teams had to do was deliver a rescue dog on top of a mountain. Um, adorable. Then things became more difficult.

Rock Climbing

For the Road Block, one team member had to climb a mountain with a Travelocity gnome along for the ride. Early on here, two teams fell way behind – Chuck and Winona, and Megan and Joey. I find Team YouTube mildly annoying, but I was absolutely rooting for them to stay in the race over the insufferable Chuck and Winona. Their bickering drives me nuts.

Cheese Wheeling

Carrying cheese was a popular challenge last time around, when people were falling and it was funny. But this time, in the snow, it was just frustrating to watch. Was anyone good at it? The hockey bros? I couldn’t tell, it just looked like everyone was sliding down the hill.

Chuck and Winona rolled their cheese down the hill, which was incorrect – all the teams had to use the provided sleds. I knew that would come back to bite them.


The hockey bros came in first again – do we all think they have this thing in a lock? I’ll be surprised if they lose. Mona and Beth came in second – a nice finish, considering they’d missed a train connection early on. Max and Katie came in third, and the country blonds in fourth.

Chuck and Winona arrived fifth to the pit stop, but incurred a 30 minute penalty because of the cheese misstep. Chuck took that time to talk about how Winona is physically weak and couldn’t be motivated by him. UGH. I can’t stand them.

Megan and Joey’s HUGE mistake was running/walking to the pit stop instead of grabbing a taxi. They arrived in last place, Megan was in tears, but Chuck and Winona’s penalty had not run out yet. They were checked in in fifth place, and Chuck and Winona were eliminated. I know I won’t miss them!

The challenges for next week look really cool, so I’m looking forward to that episode. What did you guys think of this week’s installment?

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